Design For Manufacture


Design and manufacture are the two most important aspects of the product life cycle. Manufacturability is an important factor that must be strictly considered at the design stage. DFM analysis is used to simulate the whole production process from design, fabrication, soldering, testing and assembly to correct the manufacturability problems which because of design, effectively reducing the number of unnecessary prototypes. DMF analysis is one of the most important tools to ensure a successful PCB design.


Bare board manufacturability analysis

Phenomenon A: continuous isolation to form isolation belt

Phenomenon B: disk plate was blocked partially isolated

Phenomenon C: mistakenly deleted from the isolation

Phenomenon D: two pads spacing is too small



PCB assembly analysis

Phenomenon A: The reference point is too close to the line

Phenomenon B: The identification reference point is mistakenly printed with solder paste

Phenomenon C: The total area of the two pads is uneven

Phenomenon D: The pad is smaller than the component body area