EMC Service

Using EMC design from the beginning of product development to product certification testing, it greatly reduces the risk of product EMC. Reduce product EMC debug time and costs; to speed up the time to market. Excellent EMC design helps products to obtain certification, enhance product recognition to ensure high-quality products.


EMC Design

Standard EMC Circuit Design

Summarized hundreds of common EMC circuits design includes:

Power supply: AC / DC interface EMC design standard circuit

Communications: RS485, USB, HDMI, LVDS, Ethernet

And other related application design

EMC Components

EMC Components Selection

The EMC requirements is different depend on industry Sofer analysis EMC requirements at the beginning of the projects, then choose the right EMC protection components such as: Fuse, Common Chock, Shield materials and Magnetic materials.



EMC Issue Fix

Provide customer technical support once their product failed in the approval test. Such as the left figure, it is modified power loop’s size then pass radiation test.