Embedded Software

1.    Skill in MCU, ARM CORTEX M3&M4 A8 platform

2.    Using C/C++ develop in Keil MDK, IAR , CCSArduino, MPLAB X and GCC

3.    Experienced in MODBUS, CANopen and TCP/IP

4.    Familiar with DSP and control algorithm such as PID, FIR, FFT, Hilbert, LMS, Curve-fitting, Kalman filter

5.    Software transportation: UCOSIII, LWIP,UCGUI,FATFS on CORTEX platform


Gateway software for Modbus TC and RTU

Using uCOS III to adjust RS485 and Ethernet tasks, to make sure quick response of underlying database

MCU: STM32F105

Development Environment: Keil MDK

Design Language: C

Testing Software: CPPCHECK


Using FIR bandpass filter to realize HILBERT transform

The Hilbert transform is important in signal processing, where it derives the analytic representation of a signal u(t). This means that the real signal u(t) is extended into the complex plane such that it satisfies the Cauchy Riemann equations. For example, the Hilbert transform leads to the harmonic conjugate of a given function in Fourier analysis, aka harmonic analysis. Equivalently, it is an example of a singular integral operator and of a Fourier multiplier.

The left picture shows the FIR filter tap coefficient waveform