Lighting System

We design lighting systems which include HID and LEDs, Indoor and outdoor illumination by using wireless or power line carrier to realize an intelligent lighting system.



HID Controlled by Power Line Carrier

1.    Using power line carrier to communication. Good EMI capability.

2.    Using seed pixel diffused arithmetic, every data packet can deliver to whole network.

3.    Can control streetlamp, and report if the lamp damaged.

4.    Using GPRS to communication with background software.


Wireless LED Lamp System

1.    Lamps communication each other by 2.4G wireless

2.    Auto channel select, Electromagnetic adverse environments

3.    Auto networking and routing

4.    Get Lamp location and time Info from GPS

5.    Auto Power Control by the time and location

6.    Client quantity is unlimited

If you are interesting in above cases or you have new ideas, please contact us.